Charlize Theron

*Special Edition* Britney Spears Hardcore Comics!

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..."Now, suck on it," Robert commanded again. Britney moved her hand slowly towards the jutting
out shaft, barely able to wrap her small hand around it. Jerking up and down like she knew men
supposedly liked, Britney scooted her ass closer to Robert's body and eased her face towards
his member. The jerking action had now made him almost totally hard and he measured close to
12 inches now, a disproportionate amount for any man if Britney had only known.
Her lipstick covered lips from the earlier show just an inch or so from his bulbous head,
Britney crossed over to the dark side as she slowly began sliding the prick into her mouth.
Her lips and cheeks stretched around the cock head as it entered into her sweet mouth...





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